Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FO: Red Renfrew (& MMM Days 6-8)

For the seventh day of Me-Made May, I wore my brand new red Renfrew!

Day 7: red Renfrew and denim Ginger with thrifted Roos
...and a weird Barbie doll pose

Have I mentioned that I love this pattern? This was my fourth go. I used organic 100% cotton jersey from Fabric.com. It's really soft, and seems to wear very nicely.

Has anyone else found the neckline stitching with a twin needle to be a little hinky? I had to do several tension experiments to get it so that the front wouldn't bunch and the back wouldn't be completely loose and catch on things. Here are some perhaps-not-very-helpful pics of my topstitching:

The outside view

The inside view (it's the top row of stitches)

Nonetheless, I can't wait to make more of these shirts.

Here are my MMM outfits for the last few days:

Day 6: Renfrew in rust-colored nylon and Ginger in gray broadcloth
(complete with wrinkles)

Day 8: altered Banana Republic shirt with twill circle skirt
and Bloch patent ballerina flats

OMG I CHEATED ON MMM!! I didn't technically make this shirt, but it's the only one I can wear with this skirt. And Zoe herself could hardly blame me for wanting this awesome skirt to see the light of May. Anyway, I did alter the shirt myself by shortening the bodice and sleeves, since BR apparently thinks that size-16 women are all 6' tall.

MMM is already 1/4 over. How crazy is that?


  1. Ooooh - twin needle! Cool! Is that on a regular machine, or on an overlocker? I've never tried it (Obvs!).

    1. It's on a regular machine. It's pretty cool--you thread both needles and it makes two rows of stitching with a loopy, zig-zaggy pattern on the wrong side. That's how it stretches. It gives a nice effect, considering that the needle costs WAY the hell less than a cover-stitch machine. Lladybird and Patty the Snug Bug have written interesting posts about using them, btw.

    2. I see one of these in my future! Thanks!