Thursday, May 3, 2012

FO: The "Long Live the Queens" Dirndl (& MMM Day 3)

Honestly, are dirndls flattering on anyone? I made this one last year, so I could easily accommodate my fabric's massive zig zags. This week, I had to take it in 6" at the waist. Now I either need to wear it with a tucked-in shirt or basically a crop top. Tucking seemed like an option, til I tried it and threw up all over my mirror. So this one will just hang in my closet or be an around-the-house skirt. Not even gonna model it for this post, but here's a hanger pic:

We're having a really warm, summery day here in Chicago. And yet, I'm cloaked in synthetics. (They aren't bad, actually. Just seems wrong.) Here's me in a Renfrew and Simplicity 7134 straight skirt:

This skirt pattern got me through my heaviest times--at one point I graded the pattern up 4"! It was a very exciting day when I made this plaid number using the original, ungraded pattern. I even added ribbon to the waistband to make sure it wouldn't stretch. The fabric is a 70s poly double-knit, which I really don't mind using for skirts. And I love the plaid very much.

ps--I've totally fallen behind on my goal of finishing one UFO a day this week. But since I've now scratched the second dirndl off my list, I'm still in decent shape. And I'll be clothed tomorrow, which is what really counts during Me-Made May, amirite?


  1. What a pity the Queens skirt doesn't suit you. It's fantastic fabric! Hurray for losing so many inches though!

  2. the dirndl, my nemesis! actually the dirndl might be the nemesis of anyone who isn't an actual model!! the fabric is terrific though- maybe consider taking the waistband off and doing some soft pleats instead? congratulations on loosing so many inches, that's fantastic!!

    as for And I'll be clothed tomorrow, which is what really counts during Me-Made May, amirite? , you are totally right!!

  3. Good idea. The fabric is definitely a keeper, so maybe I'll try a refashion down the road.