Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OWOP Day 5

High of 66 in Chicago today, and I've got the perfect shirt for it! My teal Renfrew, made from a vintage sweater-knit (acrylic, I'm guessing), is warm and comfy. Too bad I can't capture the real color—it's incredibly rich and vibrant.

This Ginger is made from 6oz stretch denim. It's quite comfy ... and I'm glad I used stretch denim, since I accidently made it a size too small!

Speaking of sizing, I believe the Ginger is an ideal pattern for when you're losing weight. The zip is in the center back, but the only seams that change between sizes are the side seams! Since I'm in the middle of losing weight (25 pounds down, 60 to go), I'm planning to:

  • unpick the waistband edgestitching
  • unfold the waistband facing
  • stitch 1/2" or so inside of each side seam (including the waistband and facing), tapering off before reaching the hem
  • re-edgestitch the waistband


And if you need to go up a size? You can still use your traced pattern, but add 1/2" to each side of all the pieces. Here's what mine looks like:

The main piece is a size 14, which I used for this skirt. But I realized that any non-stretch woven would be impossibly tight, so I added on the green part, turning it into a size 16. Love that simplicity!

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