Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FO: Martian Sorbetto

I finally got on the Sorbetto train! Love this pattern.

The fabric is from the "Marty Goes to Mars" line, which has been out for a while I guess. Here's a closeup of the fabric:

Isn't it cute? I bought it cheap on sale to make a Negroni for my boyfriend, but had plenty extra for a wee old Sorbetto. For a bit of contrast, I used some mustard-colored bias tape around the neck and armscyes.

There'll be more of these to come ... plus a super-secret project I'm working on with Gail!


  1. Oh, man! This totally rocks! I've never seen this fabric before! Did you make the Negroni yet? SO cool!!!

    1. Thanks! Nope, not yet. At first Jef was worried that it'd look like scrubs. Now he likes it but wants to finish losing weight before I make the shirt.

      BTW fabric.com still has a couple of the other fabrics from this line. They're pretty tempting.